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Plumbing Quest Fittings 166098BL, 166099BL Qest Drop Ear Elbow

Qest Drop Ear Elbow

Qest fittings ease repairs and retrofit installations with no specialty tools needed. Compatible with PEX potable (non-barrier) tubing, CPVC, copper and polybutylene piping. The Qest nut-ring-cone connections are for use with CTS (copper tube size) pipe including PEX, copper, CPVC and polybutylene in potable water systems. *

  • Requires no special tools solvents or chemicals
  • Complies with low lead legislation
  • For use in hot and cold water applications
  • Resists freeze damage
  • Rated 100 PSI to 180 degree Fahrenheit (200 PSI to 73 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Use with polybutylene, CPVC and copper tubing
  • Resists chemical build-up
  • For use in manufactured and mobile home applications.
  • Supply water fitting.

    Size :

    $ 000

    Ref 166098BL, 166099BL
    Item No.388
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