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Heating and Air Conditioning Nordyne Miller Intertherm Replacement Parts 903106ND,102866BL Nordyne Ignition Control Board- Part  903106 Furnaces

Nordyne Ignition Control Board- Part 903106 Furnaces

For use with M3 series furnaces.

  • For use in manufactured home, mobile home, and park model trailer applications.
  • Nordyne Furnace Control Board Kit 903106. Nordyne, Miller, Gibson, Intertherm and Thermal Zone Furnace Models G3, G4, G5, G6 , M2 and M3 series and Gibson KG6RC series. Includes instruction sheet.
  • Replaces old circuit board Pt # 624591-A, 624591-B, 624591-C, 624591-D, 624631-A, 624631-B, JHL, 6245640, 624631-A, 1012-955A and 6245910.
  • M3RL series, DF6SE-X24K045CA, DF6SE-X24K072C, DF6SE-X24K072CA, DF6SE-X36K072C, DF6SE-X36K096C, DF6SE-X48K096C, DF6SE-X48K120C, DF6SE-X60K096C, DF6SE-X60K120C, DF6SF-X24K045C, DF6SF-X24K072C, DF6SF-X36K100C, DF6SF-X48K096C, DF6SF-X48K120C, DF6SF-X60K120C, FG6RA 045N-08A, FG6RA 060C-12A, FG6RA 060N-12,A FG6RA 072-VB, FG6RA 072C-12A, FG6RA 072C-16B, FG6RA 072C-17A, FG6RA 072C-VBA, FG6RA 072N-12A, FG6RA 072N-16B, FG6RA 072N-17A, FG6RA 072N-17AL, FG6RA 072N-VB, FG6RA 072N-VBA, FG6RA 096-VB, FG6RA 096C-12B, FG6RA 096C-16B, FG6RA 096C-20B, FG6RA 096C-20C, FG6RA 096C-VBA, FG6RA 096N-12B, FG6RA 096N-16B, FG6RA 096N-20B, FG6RA 096N-20C, FG6RA 096N-VBA, FG6RA 120C-16B, FG6RA 120C-20C, FG6RA 120C-VC, FG6RA 120C-VCA, FG6RA 120N-16B, FG6RA 120N-20C, FG6RA 120N-VCA, FG6RA 144C-20C, FG6RA 144C-VC, FG6RA 144C-VCA, FG6RA 144N-20C, FG6RA 144N-VCA, FG6RC 040C-08A, FG6RC 040C-12A, FG6RC 040N-08A, FG6RC 040N-12A, FG6RC 060C-12A, FG6RC 060N-12A, FG6RC 080C-12B, FG6RC 080C-16B, FG6RC 080N-12B, FG6RC 080N-16B, FG6RC 100C-16B, FG6RC 100C-20B, FG6RC 100N-16B, FG6RC 100N-20B, FG6RC 120C-16C, FG6RC 120C-20C, FG6RC 120N-16C, FG6RC 120N-20C, FG6RK 060C-12A, FG6RK 060N-12A, FG6RK 072C-08A, FG6RK 072C-12A, FG6RK 072C-16B, FG6RK 072C-VB, FG6RK 072C-VBA, FG6RK 072N-08A, FG6RK 072N-12A, FG6RK 072N-16B, FG6RK 072N-VB, FG6RK 072N-VBA, FG6RK 096C-12B, FG6RK 096C-16B, FG6RK 096C-VB, FG6RK 096C-VBA, FG6RK 096N-12B, FG6RK 096N-16B, FG6RK 096N-VB, FG6RK 096N-VBA, FG6RK 120C-20B, FG6RK 120C-VB, FG6RK 120C-VBA, FG6RK 120N-20B, FG6RK 120N-VB, FG6RK 120N-VBA, FG6RK 135C-20B, FG6RK 135N-20B, FG6RL 040C-12A, FG6RL 040N-12A, FG6RL 060N-12A, FG6RL 080N-16B, FG6RL 100C-16B, FG6RL 100N-16B, FG6RL 120C-20C, FG6RL 120N-20C, FG6TA 060C-08A, FG6TA 060C-12A, FG6TA 060N-08A, FG6TA 060N-12A, FG6TA 072C-12B, FG6TA 072C-16B, FG6TA 072C-VBA, FG6TA 072C-VBB, FG6TA 072N-12B, FG6TA 072N-16B, FG6TA 072N-VBA, FG6TA 072N-VBB, FG6TA 096C-12B, FG6TA 096C-16B, FG6TA 096C-20B, FG6TA 096C-VBB, FG6TA 096N-12B, FG6TA 096N-16B, FG6TA 096N-20B, FG6TA 100C-12B, FG6TA 100C-16B, FG6TA 100C-20B, FG6TA 100C-VBA, FG6TA 100N-12B, FG6TA 100N-16B, FG6TA 100N-20B, FG6TA 100N-VBA, FG6TA 120C-16C, FG6TA 120C-20C, FG6TA 120C-VCA, FG6TA 120C-VCB, FG6TA 120N-16C, FG6TA 120N-20C, FG6TA 120N-VCA, FG6TA 120N-VCB, FG6TC 060C-VAB, FG6TC 060C-VBA, FG6TC 060N-VAB, FG6TC 060N-VBA, FG6TC 080C-VBA, FG6TC 080C-VBB, FG6TC 080N-VBA, FG6TC 080N-VBB, FG6TC 092C-VBA, FG6TC 092N-VBA, FG6TC 100C-VBB, FG6TC 100N-VBB, FG6TC 110C-VCA, FG6TC 110N-VCA, FG6TC 120C-VCB, FG6TC 120N-VCB, FG6TE 060C-IQB, FG6TE 060C-VA, FG6TE 060C-VB, FG6TE 060N-IQ, FG6TE 060N-IQB, FG6TE 060N-VA, FG6TE 060N-VB, FG6TE 080C-IQB, FG6TE 080C-VB, FG6TE 080N-IQB, FG6TE 080N-VB, FG6TE 100C-IQB, FG6TE 100C-VB, FG6TE 100N-IQ, FG6TE 100N-IQB, FG6TE 100N-VB, FG6TE 120C-IQ, FG6TE 120C-IQC, FG6TE 120C-VC, FG6TE 120N-IQ, FG6TE 120N-IQC, FG6TE 120N-VC, FG6TE060C-IQ, FG6TE080C-IQ, FG6TE080N-IQ, FG6TE100C-IQ, FG6TK 060C-08A, FG6TK 060C-12A, FG6TK 060N-08A, FG6TK 060N-12A, FG6TK 072C-12B, FG6TK 072C-16B, FG6TK 072N-12B, FG6TK 072N-16B, FG6TK 096C-12B, FG6TK 096C-16B, FG6TK 096C-20B, FG6TK 096N-12B, FG6TK 096N-16B, FG6TK 096N-20B, FG6TK 100C-12B, FG6TK 100C-16B, FG6TK 100C-20B, FG6TK 100N-12B, FG6TK 100N-16B, FG6TK 100N-20B, FG6TK 120C-16B, FG6TK 120C-20B, FG6TK 120N-16B, FG6TK 120N-20B, FG6TL 060C-VAB, FG6TL 060C-VBA, FG6TL 060N-VAB, FG6TL 060N-VBA, FG6TL 080C-VBA, FG6TL 080C-VBB, FG6TL 080N-VBA, FG6TL 080N-VBB, FG6TL 092C-VB, FG6TL 092C-VBA, FG6TL 092N-VBA, FG6TL 100C-VBB, FG6TL 100N-VBB, FG6TL 110C-VCA, FG6TL 110N-VCA, FG6TL 120C-VCB, FG6TL 120N-VCB, G5RA 096C-16, G5RL 040C-12-S, G6RA 045N-08A, G6RA 060C-12A, G6RA 060N-12A, G6RA 072C-12A, G6RA 072C-16B, G6RA 072C-17A, G6RA 072N-12A, G6RA 072N-16B, G6RA 072N-17A, G6RA 096C-12B, G6RA 096C-16B, G6RA 096C-20B, G6RA 096C-20C, G6RA 096N-16B
    $ 31400

    Ref 903106ND,102866BL
    Item No.225
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